Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Farm Chicks Part 2 ~ 2012

We must admit we never know exactly what we are searching for until we see it. Even with only a vague idea of how we will transform the no longer cherished piece, we are absolutely postive it's the right thing to have-immediately! We can't drive by a yard sale without turning in; we are always on the lookout for treasures in someone's attic. My daughter and I call ourselves "passionate junkers" we are the first (although it is getting harder for us to be first in line) at estate sales, auctions, & road side flea markets. We love transforming our finds into prized belongings. There is still so much beauty out there to be found, so many more cracked, tarnished, slightly worn, but beautifully authentic to discover. This past weekend we were part of the AMAZING Farm Chicks Antique Show, in Spokane, WA. our booth was filled with many treasures from antiques, vintage, to the unexpected....we appreciate it all. Look beyond first appearances for true beauty...words my mother always said to me when I was growing up. We hope that you will have a fun filled summer and junk happily ever after, and find something totally outlandish that you absolutely love! Photos by Mike Lee


Unknown said...

I loved your booth!! That little yellow and green truck is now safely home in Orlando. Not easy to find here so I was thrilled when I saw it and at a great price! Thank you.
This is my 5th year in a row, next year I will say hello and hope you will remember me!
I'm still on my Farm Chick high!!
Great job~SueBee

Shelby@ My Perfectly Imperfect World said...

I love seeing everyone's photos from the show! I am seeing all sorts of things that I wish had found their way home with me! Like the Mother Goose book above! :) I am now following!

Shelby@ My Perfectly Imperfect World said...
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Funky Junk Jennifer said...

LOVED it all! As always you did a great job with display! And I love the foot picture! ~Jennifer