Monday, July 25, 2011

Bottles, Bottles, & More Bottles

....It's a Friday morning, and we're set for our day on the yard sale trail. Our first stop is just a few miles from my home in Peone Prairie. It's advertised to open at 8:00 A.M. but, we're there at quarter of. An elderly gentleman and his very sweet little mother, she in a dress with nylons and carrying a little red purse to keep her change in, are still dragging their wares out of the garage. We spot several old wooden boxes full of old glass bottles and medicine jars, sitting outside the garage. The bottles were covered in mud, they appeared to have spent the winter (maybe several) outdoors. As we showed interest in these beautiful bottles, the elderly gentleman began to share a story told in such an earnest manner that we felt reluctant to up root them from their history and home. He told us that he and his cousin started collecting bottles when they were fifteen years old. They would dig up old bottles and jars in the Peone Prairie and the surrounding area from abandoned buildings and home sites, wash them and line them up on a shelf and a window seal, he so kindly let us look at his collection. The elderly gentleman and his mother were happy to see the bottles go especially when we told them we were going to use them for a very special day. (Celia & Josh's wedding in August)
We love the thought of a treasured belonging of another, is now apart of our life and for us to treasure.
This little junking journey was less about the find and more about the people, and our experience along the way.

** Most bottles made between 1810-1910 were crafted by hand. These are the ones serious collectors are after. Bottles with lots of bubbles in the glass are really very old ones.
Colbalt blue, red, green, and amber or any unusual shade contributes to the value of the bottles. Bottles with paper labels intact are more valuable.
*Try to avoid bottles that are chipped or cracked.

xo Happy Junking ~ Glad & Cel

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Sister ~ My Friend ~ Happy Birthday!!!

Sister ~ FRIEND
All the memories, laughter, secrets, and silliness....
...have become blessings, gifts, celebrations, and thankfulness ~
and my life more beautiful because of you.


XO Glad

My sister Jan and I playing outside our home in Mountain Home, Idaho ~ Air Force Base. Jan's the little one in the box about 1 year old and I'm about 3 years old.

Me and my sis...we are about twenty years old. Our first trip alone to California to visit a friend.

My sis and my daughter Celia

Our two granddaughters, Madison and Aliyah...having fun and being silly

My daughter Sonia and Ava

Jan's beautiful daughter Tera

Jan's son Shannon and his peeps Dylan and Marshall

Cute and adorable daughter Reilly and niece Gina

A picture perfect meal fit for a queen!!

The best brew in town...

And the most delicious pizza ever... can't think of anything better and wonderful food, it's the making of a great summer birthday celebration!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2nd Saturdayz ~ A Little Whimsical Bohemian Gypsy ~ Spirit

A few photos from 2nd Saturdayz!! This weekend we had such a wonderful time, even my husband(that makes it all happen for Cel & myself) said it was a very healing show. What we love about this show is how loving and hospitable everyone is. Linda and Deb are both such an inspiration. Their show is an absolute dream, the space they hold their show in is light and airy with sunshine pouring into the beautiful old windows. Wonderful music playing through out the day, and happy vendors and customers....the making of a perfect show. We met so many new vendors and customers, we only wish we could remember all their names. We would like to say thank you to all of you who came to support Linda & Deb's show and Junebug. Just a little reminder ~ Linda & Deb will be joining us for The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market, so please save the date, September 30 & October 1, 2011.

Lots of Fun...Linda and beautiful Tiffany...she's wearing an adorable vintage swimsuit!

Junebug ~ Vintage Camp Trunk

I loved this plaster bust of a women, the vendor(I wish I could remember her name, told me an art teacher in NY created her)

Floral Inspiration from John Bob Cool Junk

Vintage Baby Dolls ~ LOVE All of Them

So Cute, look at her little hat!

Vintage Cookware

Rusted trunk...perfect coffee table

Vintage Pottery Vignettes

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2nd Saturdayz ~ July 9, 2011

Saturday ~ July 9th....It's Show Time for Junebug Furniture & Design at 2nd Saturdayz Market!! A Fun and Fabulous Flea Market of Fine Tastes & Curious Treasures held the second Saturday of every month. The promoters & vendors Linda Morrison and Deb Bock are amazingly talented ladies,they put on one of the best flea markets in the northwest. We are so excited to be a vendor this month!I'm sure there will lots of laughing, shopping, and eating, because that's what we like to do!!! Please come join us for this special summer market! Cel & I would love to see you....we promise it's going to be FUN!!!!

For specific driving directions from your exact location, try Google Maps or MapQuest and enter your starting address and the intersection of Sand Point Way NE and NE 74th St., Seattle, WA 98115

See You Soon!!!