Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Plans

So, my mom and I decided that every Wednesday we will up date you with the most recent wedding plans...

Friday,June 25, we finally made the decision for the tables. We are renting tables from our locally owned and operated A to Z rental,(Trevor) has been so fun and easy to work with. We will have 12(8 ft.)tables, 12 white table clothes, 100 white folding chairs one 20x30 white tent , one dance floor and who could have a wedding without one COTTON CANDY machine???? Yep! yellow cotton candy!!

I also chose the brides maids dress,at JCREW of course. I am in love with JCREW this season.. I am still trying to decide on flats or a wedge for the girls ... What do you think?

I would love to have some input~

My trip to Seattle a few weeks ago was very successful... Josh and I found the most darling dresses for Emily and Madison, they will be our flower girls... and I bet you can guess where we found them, Crew Cuts of course~

The boys; Dylan, Drew, Charlie, Oliver and Marshall will be dressed in casual summer attire white v-neck tees from crew cuts and grey Volcom shorts... and flip flops, too cute!

xo Celia

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me I Say!!!

I am blessed with the most wonderful family and friends
and I am Happy!!!
I couldn't ask for anything more..

xo Glad

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Styling My Wedding....

With Color!!!!!

I couldn't think of a better time to go crazy with color than at my wedding!!!
Can you guess what colors we chose??? Yep! I am a little crazy over yellow lately, and white... the freshest, and gorgeous pewter! All so beautiful together.
We are planning an outdoor wedding at my parents home, and we are so excited!! Planning a home wedding is something I have always dreamt about. See you next week for another wedding update.

xo Celia

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its Beginning to Feel a lot like.....

Summer.... get OUTSIDE and soak up all that sunshine...doesn't it feel wonderful??!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Miss Shari!! This post is for you... You are a very special friend to me!! xo Glad
P.S. Can't wait to go bike riding with you ~ its going to be a FUN Summer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Beginning ~ 6-17-2010

Wedding journal, Part 1

Some of you may already know that the love of my life... Josh, FINALLY asked me to be his WIFE!!!! It took place 2 weeks ago, Sunday morning on our way to the Farm Chicks. And of course I said "YES"!!!

To say the least, I have been extremely busy planning the big day, set for August 21, 2010.
Some may say, 'What's the rush'. But we say LOVE found us... for me, nothing is so exciting as to imagine that this man Josh is the love of my life ~ and he is always going to be courting me!

Today we are off to Seattle for wedding dress shopping at J CREW...

These are a few of my favorites.

xo Celia

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being Present in the Moment ~

Just 'being' feels pretty great to me lately. I'm OK that its been raining for days...planting flowers will have to wait. For the past several weeks and maybe months I have been 'doing'....to many 'to do' lists. So, it feels great to be in the present and enjoy the good in whatever comes along.

Monday, June 7, 2010

There is never too much of a good thing!!

CAKE ~ created by the amazing talented Erica Paris and Lana Neuman of deja neu

Junebug Furniture and Design...Our Space

Myself and Celia

Me and My Man...behind every women, there's a strong man!!!

Hope you enjoy some of our treasures that we gathered for the Farm Chicks Show

deja neu ~ Eric and Lana....our neighbors, we had a blast with them, sooo funny!!!

The Quintessential ~ Queen of Tarte

Auntie Joy ~ She made our weekend PERFECT!! She will be coming to 'The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market' in October....It will be here before you know it!!

Tim and Lisa ~ blue canoe...Our new friends, amazingly talented artists...

Amanda, Myself, Cindy ~ Happy Endings...The Sweetest girls ever!!!

Ann Holton ~ she will be joining us again for The Second 'Mad Hatter', Ann won best costume last year!!! Can't wait to see what she will be wearing this year.

Funky Junk ~ Myself, Holly, Celia ~ Our too sweet Holly will be joining us at 'Mad Hatter' and bringing all her cuteness that she fills her booth with!!!!

Bella ~ Sue, a very talented seamstress, her shopping carts were gorgeous!!

Bob and Debbie ~ Retreat By Kennedy, their booth was so inviting, very dreamy...

Susan Wheeler Home ~ If you are ever in the Seattle area, stop by and see her beautiful shop, 5516 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA

Luluz ~ amazing, talented artist will be coming to 'The Mad Hatter' in October too!!!

Nancy and Sally ~ Forget Me Nots Love, Love Love anything and everything these ladies do!

Patricia Mackey ~ tippy stockton, we loved her color scheme!

Thank you Mike Lee for the FABULOUS Pictures!!!

We Are Still Floating on Cloud Nine! Farm Chicks was an extraordinary show, it was bliss.... Fabulous Vendors, Friends, Happy Customers, and a Celebration at Chaps to end a Perfect Day. Our blissful weekend seemed just to wonderful for words, So, all we can say is Thank You, Serena for working hard for all of us!!! Glad & Celia

I don't know what happened... but for some reason pictures are a little kitty wampus!! I'm sure its something I did when scanning pictures:)