Thursday, August 2, 2012

Galvanized Glory

It was the dead of winter when I picked out this watering can, loved the #12 and it had a rose!
I love the old tarnished watering cans, rusty garden tools, and vintage garden books, I love really anything galvanized! My newest loves are the galvanized old many uses and always fun to display with my watering cans. We need to thank the glory of the galvanized watering can to the the Victorian gardener. The one they chose, and most gardeners still consider the classic, was made of steel sheet metal protected from rust by a dipping in molten zinc. The detachable sprinkling head was dubbed a rose. Many old cans, like the photos below have been deflowered (lost their roses!), which makes them not only less collectible, but certainly less serviceable. If an old watering can is in your future, make sure to check for leaks.
If you cherish the tarnished as I do, I hope you find time to rescue some garden treasures this summer!