Monday, March 4, 2013

Creating a Visual Flow Design for The Nailry

 Making The Nailrys' interior personal to Ray & Beth Maack was a must! They wanted their salon to be dramatic and cozy!

The thoughtful placement of the elements in this room created an overall feeling of wonderfulness.

We wanted to encourage the eye to hit the sweet spots and gloss over anything underwhelming.
The clients enter through an oversized dramatic arch way, and are welcomed into the casual and comfortable seating area, the coffee table and a glass terrarium filled with birds, glass, rocks, moss, and small terra cotta pots and candles adds life, texture, and in this case, color to the space.

The sofa begs you to stay, and two snuggly chairs for clients and guests to read, sip coffee, and relax are waiting. The pillows on the sofa and chairs add a little bit of color and excitement to the space.

The gold fabric light fixture in the center of the room creates height and does the trick of tieing the look together.

Large urns filled with curly willow branches are part of the decorativve objects in the organic-inspired room, giving the room the earthy feel.

We finished the room with magazines, stacks of books on the shelves that were actually read, and small pieces of significant items, sentimental pieces from Beth and Ray's home, this helps the eye move from object to object.

As clients leave the salon they are greeted again with a saying Beth chose for the archway, this oversized arch way acts as an sculpture, and again it stops the guests and prompts people to visit and engage in conversation, because this is really what makes a room complete, is the people who fill it!!

*much thanks and gratitude to Denny Wuesthoff for his talent of signage and Cary Burnett for the lovely photos!!