Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting; A Deep-Seated Love by Cheryl-Anne Milsap ~ Spokesman Review

Celia & Gladys

"Often, for those of us who are drawn to ordinary objects that have been used and loved, the things we rescue become part of the family.

This is especially true of Gladys Hanning.

“I have collected and brought home many pieces of furniture, paintings, books,” she says. “Our home reflects my passion for hunting these wonderful imperfect treasures.” She especially loves vintage art.

“ For years I have collected still life paintings of fruit. Most of my canvases are signed, but by no one you’d know,” she says. “I discovered them at garage sales and auctions (paying) $25 at the most. I have filled the walls in our kitchen with these beautiful pieces of art.”

Hanning says she learned to love vintage pieces from her parents.

“Collecting has always been apart of our life,” she says, specifically mentioning her father’s love of cookbooks. “He was a chef.” Her mother was also a treasure hunter and Hanning honors those finds.
“Several pieces of furniture my mother purchased at garage sales for $5 have found a place in our home, as have my father’s cookbooks.”

Like many who love the thrill of the chase, Hanning has turned a love of rescuing old things into a successful career.

“In 2002 my daughter, Celia Hanning joined me in my interior design business, ‘Junebug Furniture and Design’,” she says. “With her background in design she has added an amazing and vibrant energy to our collection and offerings.”

What started as a hobby has grown into a successful business. And a lot of mother-and-daughter fun.

“Together we are passionate junkers. We can’t drive by a yard sale without stopping, and of course, there are the early, early, morning estate sales,” she says. “We are always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures to be repurposed, repainted and restored.”

Now, with the popularity of Shabby Chic and junk decor, Hanning has put to use the skills she’s honed over the years.

“My passion for junking began as a way of life and grew into an appreciation of the imperfect,” she says. “Comfort, simplicity and a sense of practicality are the key elements to my designs.”

And nothing defines comfort and simplicity than that ubiquitous symbol of summer: the lawn chair.

“Over the years I have found several metal yard chairs from the l940’s. I have given each of my girls a pair and have several lined up in our driveway,” she says.”

The chairs aren’t just part of the decor. One of her painted metal finds becomes a place to sit for a moment and reflect on the good life. And a good day’s work.

“The best part is after a day of junking,” Hanning says. “It is the perfect seat from which to view not only our beautiful landscape, but the prizes of the day scattered around our driveway.” href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_2_4ECDdLZkA/TE-0FIT9PMI/AAAAAAAABjg/r8TDgmurGms/s1600/Glad_and_Cel.jpg">


"Gladys and Celia Hanning, along with selected vendors, share their finds with shoppers at their annual antiques sale, ‘The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market’. Held each fall in the Five Mile Prairie Grange, this year’s show is set for October 1st & 2nd. For more information read the Junebug blog."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's A Birthday Party for Marshall & Dylan

Dylan and Marshall ~ cupcakes at The South Hill Water Park
Today they turn nine, the beginning of becoming 'little men', even if its just a little, they are becoming their own people.They are both full of so much energy and athleticism and they are developing into good team players. They just finished baseball, and played together in Hoopfest as the 'Five Mile Ballers' not sure who thought up that name??? We are going to enjoy these years, watching them grow into men.

Oliver ~ looks like he's had to much fun and maybe to much sun!

Charlie, can you tell he loves blue slushies? Maddie our model, Dylan & Marshall Best Buddies, Oliver just wants to be part of the gang, and Lele is always full of giggles!!!

Celia and Dylan spending a little time together

Marshall and Buddy Drew

Marshall and Dylan, BFF

Dylan and Baby Ava, isn't she BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Emily and Maddie ~ two sweetie pies

Oh, I'm madly in love with my grandkids! Summer Birthday parties for Marshall and Dylan, the birthdays were spent at Silverwood with family and then off to South Hill Water Park with cousin Lele! Too much fun!!
xoxo Nana and Grandpa

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekend Wedding Update....

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and the wonderful sunshine God has blessed us with!
I am so excited to share with you the arrival of my wedding dress, but I have decided to wait and show the dress to you after Josh sees me in it on our wedding day!

Cotton Candy Machine has been reserved....Hmmmm I'm thinking about a Snow Cone Machine??? What do you think? Or I'm I getting a little carried away?

I picked out my Cupcakes for our guests and a small Lemon Chiffon Wedding Cake for Josh and I at CAKE! Working with Gina from CAKE was so much fun, she made everything easy and sweet!!!!

xo Celia

The Vintage Barn Show/Latah Creek Varity Market

The Beautiful Vintage Barn!!! We send our blessings to Rolane and Dean, thank you for an amazing sale, we had such a great time... The Vintage Barn Show is one of our favorite shows...a beautiful outdoor setting on a gorgeous day. We got to see so many of our friends and fellow vendors. THANK YOU ALL for coming to the show and stopping by and saying HI!!!You made our week-end WONDERFUL!!!!

Our two Special MEN...they are the world to us!!!

Latah Creek Variety Market/Chaps/Cake
The most important part of our day began with an amazing pancake breakfast at 'Chaps'
Then off to our booth...

Nap time for our Man! He worked so hard for us, he certainly deserves some R&R

Coolest little shopper! So Adorable!

A very happy customer sitting on her chair she purchased, she ended up taking all our Mellow Yellow furniture home with her

xoxo Glad & Celia/Junebug Furniture and Design

P.S.Please come back soon... Celia has been gathering for the wedding....her Wednesday Wedding Post will now become Weekend Wedding Post!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sneak Pinks at The Vintage Barn and Latah Variety Market

We are so very excited to participate in these TWO great shows! Rolane and Dean at The Vintage Barn are amazing to work with and their home and THE BARN is the perfect country setting, yesterday we set our booth up in 90 degree temperture, thank you God for a cool breeze,there was so much excitment for the first show of the season at The Vintage Barn and everything is so cute... the new PINK truck and the cutest play house for their girls, of course they painted the house green with pink garden tools hung on the side of the house. Can't wait for you to come see us and all the great vendors!!
Tonight we will be setting up our mellow yellow booth at Latah Creek Variety, our very sweet friend Erin (jewelry designer) will be taking care of our booth on Saturday as we will be at The Vintage Barn, but on Sunday we will be at our booth bright and early for Chaps Pancake Feed and enjoy the day Celeste and Dan have planned for everyone, it's a family day, bring your children. We hope you can come join us for the day! We are looking forward to seeing all of you and our vendor friends, 'Funky Junk' girls Hollie and her mom Gail and sister Heidi will be there, along with many, many more. Come have fun girls!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

You Say, What!!! Christmas in July!!

I know what your thinking. Not Yet! Not Now! But I have to tell you it's not to late for you to snap a few pictures and follow the rules and JUST maybe your HOME could be in the magazine!! So...get busy, clean your house, look through pictures and get over to Matthew's site and get some information for this great contest. Oh! One other reminder, have you ordered your magazine yet?? It's only available on-line. Get yourself a copy today. A must have read! Ladies, if you loved Flea Market Style, you will love Matthew's Holiday Magazine. Go Have Fun...heres the link: http:holidaywithmatthewmead.com