Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Of A Kind Funky Finds!!!!!

This coming weekend, we are honored to have been invited by the Funky Junk girls, Holly and Jennifer, to be a part of their Labor Day Fall Show, in Beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho.

Come enjoy the fun with us as we will be with the BEST, MOST TALENTED vendors, with FABULOUS treasures and great vintage finds for you to take home and enjoy!!!

We Look forward to a day filled with music, food and of course seeing you!!!

See you there!!
Glad & Celia
Junebug Furniture and Design

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celia and Josh's Wedding Day ~ August 21, 2010

Nothing is more thrilling and romantic than a home wedding. Our family and friends worked together to create such a beautiful day for Celia and Josh. I hope the warmth and gratitude that Steven and I feel toward all of them are reflected in these beautiful wedding photos.

Thank you Sonia, for helping me keep my house clean and keeping our household running smoothly and with efficiency these past months as we were planning the wedding and working on design projects. Most importantly keeping everyone calm!! Your presence means so much to me.

Thank you Sara and Yannie,for the floral work,and folding the napkins over and over again, because of our gusty winds.

Thank you cousin Shari,(the chef)and friend Lynn (the assistant chef) they worked their fingers to the bone,and they made the most amazing food, we are still receiving calls from friends about how great every bite of food was.

Thank you my sweet friend Erin, for helping me maintain the gardens. Everything looked so beautiful.

Thank you Ron at Pacific Pool for keeping our pool Blue this year!!!!

Thank you Hollie and Becky (All That Glitter) for the gorgeous paper flowers, and the darling paper cake,they added so much to the wedding!!

Thank you to my sweet friends, Deb and Jackie for doing whatever was needed. Thank you, thank you, we love you both to pieces.

Thank you Celeste, for letting us borrow the baby tub and all the other fun pieces and for ordering the bubbly drinks!! We only wish you and Dan could have attended, you were missed. Oh! The CAKE was FABULOUS!!!!

Thank you to my husband,Steven, son, Michael and son-in-law, Mike for replacing our front yard fence (530 pickets, cut and painted) and stringing all the lights. I owe you so many hunting trips!!!

Thank you Mike Lee, for the amazing photos!!! You captured the essence of their day.

Thank you to the hundred guests that joined Celia & Josh and made their day so special!!

And Celia, she worked tirelessly on setting up every piece of furniture to be put in its perfect place, and the placement of the tent, tables, and the cotton candy machine, she is an amazing artist beyond measure.

Celia and Josh's wedding was beyond my present imagination. Their individualism and style was expressed in such a simply beautiful home wedding.

Thank you Celia and Josh for letting us share our home and to be a part of your 'special day'. I pray the memories are so strong, so preserved in your mind's eye that thirty-six years from now, the scent of the August air or the view in these fields will evoke the full-blown scene for both of you.

We love you!! Mom and Dad

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going to the chapel, and I'm going to get married....

Well maybe not the chapel but Yes today is the day that I will marry the Love of my life, my soul mate, my friend and companion.

We are so excited for 'The Event of the Summer' as so many have begun to call it. However, if it wasn't for all of our friends and mostly family none of this would be possible...

We spent the day Friday setting up the tent, tables, chairs and dance floor with the help of two fine men from our local A to Z rental, joined by my dearest friends, Angelique, Sara and her cute husband Yani, and my BFF Melissa we set the tables with white linen table clothes and oversized yellow napkins. It was so much fun spending time with my dad and friends outside preparing for 'our day' outside.

While inside, the cooking was on... the wonderful aroma filled my parents beautiful home, with grilled vegetables and garlic. My mom's cousin Shari, an amazing chef, (she was the chef at last years 'Mad Hatter Show'.) She and Lynn (assistant chef) along with my mother were busy preparing FABULOUS food that will be served at our evening wedding.

I am so overwhelmed with the love and generosity that my parents have shown over the last few months as Josh and I plan and prepare for the joining of our two families. I am so thankful for being blessed with such wonderful parents that have taught me how to love, and be loved.
Thank you mom and dad! I love you both so much..

Thank you to everyone for being there and supporting us as we have made the decision to love each other and to love.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Country Wedding..........

This is our home, where our children were raised. It's a beautiful country home(I would say a formal country home, but very comfortable....something you may not know about me is I designed our home from the ground up and oversaw the entire building process as well as making every selection from scratch; the type of siding, to the shape of the spindles on the staircases to the style, shape and size of the millwork throughout the house - every detail, even the outlet covers. Together with my husband we built a home that our family could live and grow up in. I am totally proud to have pulled it off, I am blessed to have a patient husband. But, this post is not about me it's about our home and this weekend.), and the country setting is even more beautiful, we are surrounded only by things we love, the bonds of home, family and our love to entertain those we love.

This home will be the setting for Celia and Josh's wedding this weekend, it will once again be filled with family, friends, cooking and fabulous food!!

As I pray for Celia and Josh, I pray for them a home with love, faith, spirit of adventure and courage for a long and happy life together!