Thursday, April 30, 2009

Double Trouble

On April 30th 1987, My dad celebrated his birthday in a very different way then most. He anxiously awaited the birth of his first son,"Michael". My sister Sonia and I were also very excited to see the arrival of our baby brother. It would be a day to celebrate!! I remember my sister and I running in and out of the birthing room, after being completely grossed out by what was going on, I was only eight years old at the time... Now after having three boys of my own, with my oldest being seven I couldn't imagine him wanting to watch the birth of his baby brother, this past August. Now back to my dad and brother.... Finally after an amazing natural birth, my mother and father delivered with the help of my Aunt Jan, the most beautiful 10lb 2oz baby boy! My mother's birth was such an inspiration to my sister and I, that we both decided to deliver our children natural. We never thought that we would have such big children, but we surely did!!! My three boys were 10lb 2oz, 9lb 6 oz and 9lb 7oz and my sister's were 9 lb 6 oz and 8lb 7oz.. and awaiting the birth of her third baby as we speak...

Michael's 1st Birthday, my Dad's.......... oh I shouldn't tell... but I will, his 34th.

Michael at ten and Dad at.....

Michael's Fifteenth "B" Day and Dad's..........

Michael's Seventeenth and Dad's.......

Michael at 20 and Dad at ......

We have so many wonderful memories, watching Michael grow up and become such a strong and talented young man.. It's hard to believe that he's the same boy that my sister and I used to dress up in her bear collection, of fur coats, pearls, pink dresses and our favorite, black and white polka dot dress. Those pictures I'll have to dig up some day and post:) We are all so proud of him and love him soooooo much! And as for my dad, he couldn't be more proud to share and Celebrate this day with his son. You can ask anyone, whenever my dad meets some one new, he has to add that his son was born on his birthday!! He always says that his favorite birthday was the one when his son was born... My dad is a strong, kind hearted loving man and as his daughter I hope to be half the person he is. I love you Dad and Michael and Happy Birthday!!!!!

"It takes a long time to become young"
Pablo Picasso

Thursday, April 23, 2009


What a FUN, FUN, FUN weekend we had at the Funky Junk Sale. Sunny and warm outside, however we were freezing in the basement of the old Irish Grange but the owners were so kind to give us a extension cord after we kept popping the bracker from our little heater we brought from home.The Good News is Spring is on its way! All the vendors did such a fabulous job of decorating. Holly and Jennifer from Funky Junk were amazing hosts. Homemade soup and lots of goodies both days! Oh-so good. If you missed their show, Holly and her mom, Gail will be at our "Vintage Flea Market" Oct. 2-3 don't miss them they are great! Thank you to all our customers and friends for coming out and supporting us. It was so great to see everyone and meet new friends. We met some great gals "Lanica" and their mom. We had a blast getting to know them at our Friday Estate sale and then having them come out to the show was a wonderful surprise. Heidi, Jami, Christi, Dahlia, Ann and the sisters of Posh Toppings are all very talented and fun people. Special thanks to Rebecca for her magic, helping place all our furniture and small finds in our space, we are so blessed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Wedding Story

Thirty-five years ago on this day my husband and I were married. I wore a dress that was made for me by a friend of my fathers. I purchased the fabric for my dress and my bridesmaid dresses at a salvage company called "Alaska Junk" and paid twenty four dollars for all of it! My father's friend made my dress and my bridesmaid dresses for me as a wedding gift,I still have the dress she so lovingly sewed for my wedding, I only wish I could remember her name.. My husband wore a Black tux and was given his grandfather's wedding ring, a few years ago he smashed his ring working and he had to cut the band off his finger. Now he wears a ring of his fathers. We were married in a small chapel,his parents, grandmother and sisters, my father and family attended along with many good friends. My mother had pasted away seven months earlier, I was very sad she wasn't there on this special day. My father walked me down the aisle and as I look back, I know it was probably very difficult for him to help me plan my wedding after losing his partner and love of his life. He did a great job and added so many wonderful touches to our special day. I remember standing in the front of the church and being very nervous. I remember focusing on my husband's face and on his every word, so I would remember my words. My sister Jan was my maid of honor and my cousin Cinda was my bridesmaid, my husband's friend Mike was the best man, Jopi was the groomsman. My cousin John and my husband's cousin Kelly held our rings. We were married at Twelve o' Clock in the afternoon. Our reception was held at his parents home, very simple and very magical,it was a perfect day. We enjoyed visiting with family and friends and eating all the wonderful food that was prepared for us. Before the day was over, we filled our van with all of the flowers from the church and drove to the little country cemetery were my mother is buried. As we began to drive it started to rain, and rain, and more rain............. we wondered if it was ever going to stop. Just as we pulled into the cemetery the rain stopped and the sky cleared with the most beautiful rainbow! We stood and looked at each other and knew my mother was watching and gave her blessing!!! Friends ask us what made our marriage last, I would have to say, we put each other first, and we talk alot and laugh even more! Have the last thirty five years been total bliss? I would have to say No. Has it been easy? I would say No, No,and No. But we have held onto the good times and made it through the most difficult times. We are both passionate about life, love, and our commitment to each other!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Very Happy Easter!!!!

A Blessed Easter, Surrounded by those We Love........My husband and I stand in awe at the blessings God has given us !!! Beautiful and Healthy Children and Grandchildren, what more could one ask for. Thank you God!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Farm Chicks' Book Signing

Baby Chicks and The Farm Chicks what a GREAT combination....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There's a New Boutique in Town!!!

In Sunday's Spokesman Review, April 5,09, there was an article about the new "boutiques" in Spokane. One that was mentioned was Tangerine,it's located in the revitalized Davenport District.
My dear friend Rebecca Trainer and I designed and created this artistic store. You will find two floor-to-ceiling mirror mosaics,we thought it seemed appropriate to pay homage to the area's past by including a touch of opulence once known here,and with the urban-contemporary edginess of what the area and the times now demand. We faux finished the walls with beautiful rich tangerine color, created custom display fixtures and designed a unique three-tiered chandelier from three vintage "60's" light fixtures. We ordered several custom pieces of furniture to fit perfectly in the store. Black and white damask print chairs for the seating area, and a great pair of leopard chairs for the dressing rooms. Shouldn't everyone have a little leopard ??

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did designing and creating this little boutique...Oh! I wanted to mention to you about my friend Rebecca, besides one of my FAV people she is a Amazingly Talented designer and artist.I am so inspired by her talent! She will be selling some of her custom jewerly pieces at our Flea Market in October, can't wait. See you there...........