Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Farm Chicks ~ 2012

This past weekend we were blessed to be a part of The Farm Chicks Show. It is truly the most wonderful antique show!!! If you have never experienced the pleasure of The Farm Chicks Show,in Spokane, WA. We hope you will put it on your "to do list", as something not to miss! Serena is very good at creating this amazing show....No details left undone. There were crowds, and we mean crowds of people that attended, and the show runs so smooth. She still makes us all feel so welcome. After we set up The Junebug booth ~ we are pretty much there to stay... hardly anytime away from our booth. All of our guests were so polite, it's pretty amazing to see. We would like to thank everyone that purchased from us. It was really awesome to hear such nice things from people, about our "Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market" that we love to host each year, at the Five Mile Prairie Grange, in Spokane, WA. This year we brought two trailers filled to the brim with furniture and treasures and so happy to say we left with one empty trailer and one with just a few pieces in it. It was so great to meet other bloggers and facebook friends face to face. To vist with other vendors and customers, we are so full of inspiration and excitement for our next Farm Chicks Show! I thought I'd share with you one of special customers, that touched my heart. She came to our booth on Saturday and as we were visiting about linens and things she loved, she told me she loves to get home in the evening and look at blogs and she loves listening to our music on our blog and visitng the photos. It made me so happy. Then she told me that her sister past away last year with cancer and they were business partners and best friends. Friendship...it means the world to me! See you all so very soon, and please enjoy your summer!!! Glad & Celia Serendipity is Me....Love Cel's new tatoo My husband and Lana Neumann (Owner of Deja neu) being silly! I think they are adorable <


Unknown said...

So good to see you all. Much love and sweet rest to you.
deb <3

The Little Red Shop said...

It was lovely visiting with you at the show. As always, your booth was beautiful! I snapped so many show photos…I think I'll be editing them for days.

Have a sweet summer!

: )

Julie M.

Anonymous said...

This was my first year to go to the show! It was crazy fun!

Stacey said...

Hi!! Your booth looks beautiful. I hope you all had a great show! Looking forward to catching up at the next sale. Love Celia's tattoo also. I am not brave enough to get one!

Ann Porteous said...

Loved your post and the booth!!
I hope to have a booth at mad hatter show!

Funky Junk Jennifer said...

Your booth was amazing!! I loved how Steve matched it on Saturday! Always so fun to see you! Love you lots, Jennifer