Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Still Head Over Heels for Mexico!!

Something for your weekend....
Puerto Vallarta ~ this is where we vacation every year, except this year, and that shall be another post. It is always sunny, blue sky and blue water, and very HOT, The Hotel Buganvillia where we stay is in a part of the town that is very American, it has a Starbucks within walking distance and a Wal-Mart and Burger King. But, the part of town we love is the Delicious Mexican Old Town. Let me show you some of our favorite places....

Beautiful flowers....

All along the promenade, Mexicans stake out their territory and create truly magnificant sand sculptures, they put a little white cardboard box near for tips~ very charming

Looking over the city from one of our favorite restrauants, The Palomar, its hidden in the hillside, candle lit tables, rustic charm, and the view is fabulous, under the stars.

Oh! Yes!!!! Guacamole!!! Its the first food we order for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....and thats how we roll.

The view from our room at the Buganvilla.

This is another restaurant we love ~ Le Kliff, named one of "The Most Beautiful Restaurants in Mexico". You may want to click on photos to enlarge, its very beautiful.

The Beautiful Church in Old Town.

Our daily walks on the promenade.

Beautiful Tile Stairs are in every home.

The wonderful buildings and streets in the Old Town.

Looking back towards the town from our bedroom,is the Bandras Bay.

Watching the most epic Mexican sunsets in the evening.

A perfect ending for our day, watching a small boat drift at sea.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you have a great weekend.

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Ladybird Creations said...

I love guac too! Miss ya! xoErin
Ps...Wesley loved the sand lizard!