Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Season of Life!!

We have been getting some messages from long time readers and friends (our  amazing vendors) asking us to update and blog more. We want to! We really do...we miss it so much!! We have so much to get caught up with...our last Mad Hatter Event, photos and recap of our wonderful show! We promise soon!!

Things have been a little different for both, Celia and myself at our home fronts, it's a busy season in our lives, Celia is training for my friend Deb Thoen, "Fit Body Booth Camp" she is teaching early morning 5:30am, 6:15am and a 9:15am classes. Then running three boys to and from school and get the picture.

My Honey-Do is reconstructing our trucking company after 39 years, so lots of long hours and many, many changes...It's going to be wonderful, I know!!

As for me - I am busy with life, trying to keep up with it all, working to be healthy, you will find me at the gym three times a week, I want to be strong and healthy!! I have been busy with fall installs for clients and a little remodel or two. It's wonderful to be so busy but, I have to say, we miss you all, miss blogging, miss our friends, connecting and seeing what is new in your life.

Thank goodness for Instagram !!

I am taking more time for myself, my family & slowing down for a Season of My Life! Hope you understand ~ Please let me know how you are doing, we want to hear from you!!


Glad & Celia

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