Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 ~Happy New Year !!!

Thankfulness.... continues to be our word for this coming New Year! We are so thankful for God's protection and provisions this past year, He has given to us abundantly. With all our heart we thank God for the doctors that are helping Dylan with his Crohns, thankful for God protecting every single one of these little people in our family.
We continue to pray for miracles,love for each other,hearts overflowing with blessings of peace and love!


Glad & Cel


Laurie said...

What a beautiful bunch! Happy New Year! xoxo - Laurie

Whimsical Whites said...

Beautiful Family!!! Happy New Year- Kathy and Kris

Amber Strehle said...

Perfection!! Yes indeed you have much to be thankful for! Blessings in 2012! :)

1-2punch said...


summersoul said...

what a beautiful family. I feel so blessed as well. Happy to have found your blog.