Monday, March 7, 2011

Pizza....Good for your Ever-Loving Soul

Especially when its cooked at our home by our friend Mark Starr, owner of David's

Pizza! When we think of Soul Food.... Pizza is always number #1 in our family.Mark's

pizza pies as he calls them are fabulous. His pies are not made by the book but,

rather by instinct. It's a treat to watch Mark bake Pizza, he tastes, rather than

measures the special seasonings, not a clock to tell when the pie is finished

baking, rather by the smell. These skills are hard to teach. They must be

felt....and come straight from the heart and soul.

Can you smell the pizza????

And he's funny too!


The Tablescaper said...

This looks like so much fun!

- The Tablescaper

Kristin said...

Yum!! David's Pizza is our family's favorite pizza. That Pesto Pizza is the BEST!

Kristin said...

Yum!! David's Pizza is our family's favorite pizza. The Pesto Pizza is the BEST!!

Ballyhoo Girl said...

That looks like a very fun Party!!! Country Pizza must just taste better!


Ballyhoo Girl said...

That looks that an amazing good for the soul party!!! Pizza in the country must just taste better!

Hollie Joy In The Morning said...

Love that place!!=) Now I want a pizza!!!!

Amber Strehle said...

FUN!! Is he wearing any pants?? LOL!!

Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

Yum....midnight snack!!!!

Cait said...

wow how fun! that pizza looks fabulous :) great pictures! so glad I found your blog! xo

Funky Junk Jennifer said...

I Loved the truck! Looks very yummy! I want some pizza!

Boho Farm and Home said...

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food! I LOVE the beautiful picket fence and rolling hills. What beautiful countryside...really breathtaking!