Monday, June 7, 2010

There is never too much of a good thing!!

CAKE ~ created by the amazing talented Erica Paris and Lana Neuman of deja neu

Junebug Furniture and Design...Our Space

Myself and Celia

Me and My Man...behind every women, there's a strong man!!!

Hope you enjoy some of our treasures that we gathered for the Farm Chicks Show

deja neu ~ Eric and Lana....our neighbors, we had a blast with them, sooo funny!!!

The Quintessential ~ Queen of Tarte

Auntie Joy ~ She made our weekend PERFECT!! She will be coming to 'The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market' in October....It will be here before you know it!!

Tim and Lisa ~ blue canoe...Our new friends, amazingly talented artists...

Amanda, Myself, Cindy ~ Happy Endings...The Sweetest girls ever!!!

Ann Holton ~ she will be joining us again for The Second 'Mad Hatter', Ann won best costume last year!!! Can't wait to see what she will be wearing this year.

Funky Junk ~ Myself, Holly, Celia ~ Our too sweet Holly will be joining us at 'Mad Hatter' and bringing all her cuteness that she fills her booth with!!!!

Bella ~ Sue, a very talented seamstress, her shopping carts were gorgeous!!

Bob and Debbie ~ Retreat By Kennedy, their booth was so inviting, very dreamy...

Susan Wheeler Home ~ If you are ever in the Seattle area, stop by and see her beautiful shop, 5516 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA

Luluz ~ amazing, talented artist will be coming to 'The Mad Hatter' in October too!!!

Nancy and Sally ~ Forget Me Nots Love, Love Love anything and everything these ladies do!

Patricia Mackey ~ tippy stockton, we loved her color scheme!

Thank you Mike Lee for the FABULOUS Pictures!!!

We Are Still Floating on Cloud Nine! Farm Chicks was an extraordinary show, it was bliss.... Fabulous Vendors, Friends, Happy Customers, and a Celebration at Chaps to end a Perfect Day. Our blissful weekend seemed just to wonderful for words, So, all we can say is Thank You, Serena for working hard for all of us!!! Glad & Celia

I don't know what happened... but for some reason pictures are a little kitty wampus!! I'm sure its something I did when scanning pictures:)


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I absolutely loved being able to neet you girls on Saturday. I adore the Three Little Kittens book and shabby white frame I found at your booth. I love them both.

Thanks for all you girls did to make the show fun :)

See you at the Vintage Barn in July...?


Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Glad and Celia, what beautiful pics of a fabulous weekend! Your design and booth is always so awesome! Thanks for the hugs and love and I'm excited to be at Mad Hatter!

Mikal said...

I am shedding tears that I had to miss out... thanks for the pics, at least I can see I have a reason for them! :)

Happy day to you,


seabold vintage market said...

Your booth was definitely one of my favorites . . . It was absolutely stunning!!!

So glad you shared all of these pictures as I wasn't there for the first day and I loved seeing all the booths all made up!!

I so wanted to chat a bit and tell you all this in person - but I could tell you were busy!!(Glad - I'm the crazy gal that came up and gave you a quick hug at the end of the day on Sunday - in case you were wondering :) )

Congratulations on a great show!! . . . xo - liz

Prudence said...

looked like fun!

.Twig. said...

Your booth was so amazing! I'm still waiting until you decide to sell that amazing desk of yours ;) See you guys in Oct!

.Twig. said...

Your booth was so amazing! I'm still waiting until you decide to sell that amazing desk of yours ;) See you guys in Oct!

AuroraSuzette said...

Thanks for posting these pics. Very nice to see, as I wasn't there! Your booth looks like it had center stage placement too. Very cool. Anything left?

Tippy Stockton said...

Hello sweet girls - it was so nice to meet both of you and so sweet of you to invite me to your show in the fall. I'm still trying to figure out how I can come :) Thank you for including a photo of my little booth on your blog. As I watched your booth being put together, I knew it would be one of my favorites. Keep up the great work! And Celia, congrats! What a weekend it was for you girl!

Patricia @ Tippy Stockton xoxo

Retreat said...

Thank you so much for including our Retreat booth photo in your lovely montage! I was so awestruck by your booth structure {I think I may have drooled... publicly.... ;0) } And Celia, congratulations!

Deb @ Retreat

Becca said...

Your booth was so great. You had so many amazing things!

Ormolulu said...

Loved, loved, loved that Purina chicks hutch. Wish I could thought of what to do with it. So good to meet you--what a great show!!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

How wonderful to discover your darling blog! I've been ooohing and aaahing over all the Farm Chicks posts, and was led to your blog via Tara or Jen or Tracey....can't recall which!

Your space looked incredible, great photos. So nice to meet you!

All the best,

IrwinE_若愛Buchholz0723若愛 said...
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Kim G. said...

Hey girls!! Fantastic photos, your space was capital L, Lovely! Wish I could have been there, hoping for next year already! XO!

王周宏儒 said...
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Sophia's said...

Your booth looked amazing last weekend (as always)! I just loved all your unique pieces and those cute curtains. See you at The Vintage Barn Show!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved your booth at the Farm Chicks, I remember how darling it was from last year and was so pleased to see you were selling again this year! Your treasures and displays are always so fabulous...and yes I agree, behind every good woman is a strong man!! hope you are recovering well and I wish I could make the Mad Hatter, but I live a little too far away! :)

Laurie said...

Great pics! Looks like it was perfect!
Hope to see you in the near future...

David James said...

looked like fun!

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