Friday, February 8, 2013

Collections!! Alarm clocks that no longer tick tock, mix-and-match salt & pepper shakers, What speaks to your soul????

Alarm clocks that no longer tick-tock we adore! All shapes, sizes, colors, and the fat numbers!!

We love to set a table with mix-and- match salt & pepper shakers, it is not only economical, but downright fun and creative! Many collectors will add a little bit of silver to liven up the table.  
Photo: From Deb Brock ~ The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market ~ 2011

Collections of yesteryear's kitchen tools, used in the days when housewifery took forever~ 
We hope you are enjoying the journey of collecting...Find something that speaks to you, that you can rescue.....something you are longing for......

Most importantly, have a fun weekend and keep on junking!!

xox Glad & Celia

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Nicki's Notebook said...

aaaw love this blog! just found it:) I own a wonderland themed vintage shop so its right up my alley xxx