Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Farm ~ Loving ~ Romantic Story

Farm ~ Loving ~ Romantic Couple....

Celia & Josh's wedding day ~
Celia's oversized flower from EmersonMade, she chose instead of a bouquet of flowers.

Emersons raising chickens.

Emerson Farm ~

Girl starts company making flowers in NYC. Girl meets boy. They get married. Girl

and Boy decide to move from city to a farm. Girl continues to build company with

Boy's support, encourgement, and wisdom. Girl and Boy have chickens and launch a

clothing line. They call it EmersonMade.

We love dream come true stories.

XO Glad & Celia


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GardenGirl said...

Awww love this! And how beautiful was Cel? Thank you for the sweetness...miss you guys!
Deb ;)

1-2Punch said...

I think you should post your award my sister, be ...Kreative!