Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There's a New Boutique in Town!!!

In Sunday's Spokesman Review, April 5,09, there was an article about the new "boutiques" in Spokane. One that was mentioned was Tangerine,it's located in the revitalized Davenport District.
My dear friend Rebecca Trainer and I designed and created this artistic store. You will find two floor-to-ceiling mirror mosaics,we thought it seemed appropriate to pay homage to the area's past by including a touch of opulence once known here,and with the urban-contemporary edginess of what the area and the times now demand. We faux finished the walls with beautiful rich tangerine color, created custom display fixtures and designed a unique three-tiered chandelier from three vintage "60's" light fixtures. We ordered several custom pieces of furniture to fit perfectly in the store. Black and white damask print chairs for the seating area, and a great pair of leopard chairs for the dressing rooms. Shouldn't everyone have a little leopard ??

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did designing and creating this little boutique...Oh! I wanted to mention to you about my friend Rebecca, besides one of my FAV people she is a Amazingly Talented designer and artist.I am so inspired by her talent! She will be selling some of her custom jewerly pieces at our Flea Market in October, can't wait. See you there...........

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