Thursday, May 23, 2013

the Farm Chicks Antiques Show ~ 2013

Oh My Goodness!! We are over the top excited about this years' Farm Chicks Show!! First things first.... we have a new Location, you can find us in the Plaza!! We will be greeting you as you enter the entrance to the Fair Grounds. Can't wait to see you all, to see your excitment of all the beautiful displays of antiques and vintage goodness!!

We will be filling our booth full of vintage goods for you, as well as some beautiful upholstery pieces, handmade pillows, aprons, tote bags, dish towels, and dolls!

Just looking at some of the past photos today, makes us want to  hurry up and start the fun set up..... we love
the anticipation!!! It will so much fun seeing everyone and seeing what everyone will be bringing!
This years show is going to be packed with so much talent and creative hearts, all having the same interest.... the love of vintage! 
Much Love and Appreciation to Serena Thompson, the Creative Mind behind this amazing show, from her love of vintage, she has created an Empire! We are so grateful she has included us and so many others to share in her passion!!
Hope to see you all at the Farm Chicks Antique Show next weekend!!
XOX Glad & Celia


Jennifer said...

We are excited too...looking forward to seeing you gals and your beautiful booth next weekend!

Allison Andrews said...

Can't wait to see you guys and all your wonderful stuff!!! I'm glad that I checked your blog to see if you had any updates about the show - now I know to look for you in the Plaza instead of Bay 1. My mom and I will both be there.

Allison Andrews (I'm the one who visits from Minneapolis)

Asha baby said...