Saturday, April 6, 2013


            With the junking season in full swing, we felt this story seemed appropriate! Hope it inspiries you to get out and find some great treasures and we're sure you will meet some interesting people with wonderful stories about life experiences as well!!!                     

                                                                 "No One Knows"
                                                         Will Farrel in Blades of Glory
                                            By Gladys Hanning & Celia Hanning -Therens

(  Celia's SUV can provide a surprising amount of room for found treasures. A pickup truck aided by a) few bungee cords can go it one better....The only problem is; where do the boys go?

As for me and my daughter, we take the term literally...the junk in our trunk is actually JUNQUE.

JUNQUE is a word coined by the many creative souls who have taken to treasure hunting--finding a piece of junk and transforming it into something beautiful and useful.

As designers, entrepreneurs, mother/daughter, and junquers extraordinaire, we have the thrill of rescuing relics of the past and reusing, repurposing, or receating them as the perfect accents to any home.

It all starts at the, yard, or garage. It may be a planned trip or a spontaneous drive-by. Our buying style has been described as--fast--a technique developed out of necessity as we often have three young boys accompanying us, the youngest strapped to Celia's back!

We never know what we are looking for until we see it and then we may not know why but we know it is PERFECT and have to HAVE IT

Once the piece arrives home and out of the trunk, it lives in our garage. Each day we see the piece as we leave and when we return home. If we can't think of anything to do with a piece immediately we will take a break, sleep on it, and come back to it fresh the next day. Sometimes just leafing through some magazines or books provides us with inspiration. It may sit there for days, sometimes weeks, until one of us says...

                                          "You know what we should do with that piece?"
That's the moment that gives birth to the new purpose of a "piece of junk." Whether it is a sofa and chair...broken, tattered, and torn, or the adorable vintage baby bath tub, a cast away lamp shade or old wire fencing, the possibilities are endless and the style can be romantic, whimsicial or clean and simple. Re-purposing found items creates a unique design scheme that gives character and individuality to a home.
To us a good find is more than just a piece of furniture or junk, it is someone's memeory.Many of our customers and clients are more interested in the history of the piece than its function and will purchase it simply because it reminds them of something they remember from their own past.

We believe that vintage treasures transcend all decorating styles and mix beautifully with contemporary and traditional decor for a timeless, collected look.

**Find us at 'Down the Rabbit Hole' ~ May 4, 10am-4pm & 'The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market' ~ September 27 & 28, 2013

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1-2Punch said...

Great article, I love your fun style and creative play on words! And Oh love Will Farrel in that movie he was just so.....gross!

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi Sister! Thank you, and much appreciation for all your writing skills!!! Couldn't have written it without you!!

Hugs, Glad