Thursday, January 17, 2013

Toys from our Childhood

Have you ever wandered into a vintage market or a junk shop and found your doll or teddy bear you have been missing since you were six years old? Well, of course, it wasn't the very same one but one exactly like it. (Mine had been left at Mountain Home Air Force Base were we lived until I was six years old.) I'm sure everyone's got a story like that ~ toys from our childhood can zap a memory like nothing else can! Otherwise, why would we cling to our old falling-apart teddy bears or the silly play things of our childhood??
Some of us have made up our minds that dolls, teddy bears, play-houses, tea sets, paper dolls, Curious George, and Mickey Mouse are always okay to have around all the time for inspiration, fantasy, humor, and comfort!
Age doesn't matter!!

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pink*cherub*moon said...

I know exactly what you mean! I still have my "Hector" a stuffed dog that my brother gave me for my 4th birthday. I named him after a dog in a Disney movie we'd watched on tv. What can you tell me about the little black doll in the photo? The reason I ask is because last year, my dad gave me my mom's old dolls. One is named Farina. She looks just like that little doll! She has springs in her arms and legs to enable them to move. She used to have rubber undies that said "So what?" across the rear. They dry rotted, unfortunately. I have a post on my blog from the end of last December that shows pictures of her and the two other dolls. Anyway, I was just curious about her. Please email me if you have time. Thanks! Hugs, Leena