Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's A Wrap!

Our Beautiful Vendors ~

Cel, myself & Hollie Dalke from Shabby Stems

My baby girl Celia ~ isn't she so cute!!

Amazing ladies form Artworks ~ Annie Sloan Paint

Myself & Dena from Roost ~ we love this girl!!!

Luluz ~ we love her...wish we could play every day!!! Linda & Deb (Garden Party) organize 2nd Saturday Market in Seattle...so if you are in their area check it out...Magnuson Park Hangar 30,

Garden Party ~ Love Deb to pieces

Two Women ~ can't wait for their Christmas Show!!

Sisters Creed ~ Everything these ladies do is amazing!

Shabby Stems ~ love her...so talented

Whimsical Details ~ one of our new vendors, such a great attitude and so adorable!

Funky Junk Hollie, Gail, & Myself ~ what can we say...We LoVe these two ladies more than they will Ever know!
Artemis ~ She's amazing...so happy she joined us this year, great energy & smiles!!

1900 ~ Karen...our new best friend, the best!

Antique Marquis ~ Roxanne...one of my friends from way, way, back in our antiquing days..and she still has it!!

Cedar House Soaps ~ The sweetest couple...both so adorable!

Unexpected Necessities ~ Oh My! These two ladies...amazing! Another mother & daughter...and we love them for that, but also their attention to every detail, everything they do is beautiful...don't miss their show in November...we'll be posting soon for all of you!

Just Because Antiques ~ Thumbs up for this lady, she's a real junker!!

Northwest Women's Magazine ~ Charity 7 months pregnant and working her booth...so cute & adorable!

Coquille Vingate ~ Our sweetheart of the show...LoVe everything about this lady!!

Coquille Vintage ~ The Man's Chandelier...about the cutest I've ever seen!!

Iona's Antiques ~ Such an adorable couple and such amazing pieces!

Ladybird Creations ~ Miss Erin...The Queen of Hearts Stole our Heart...and she really did...and even though she won BEST Costume last year, she did it again this year! We love you!

Isn't she the sweetest guest ~ we love that our guests came in costume!

Castaway Clutter ~ Another Mom & Daughter, besides that, they are beautiful! We loved their booth...they sold almost every piece, even their desk!

Oh My Goodness...There were lines this year & they kept coming!!!

The Queen greeting the guests

Our Guests ~ shopping, sipping, & snacking....

Acoustic Vibrations ~ Haley singing like an angel!

Beautiful Food ~ 123 Catering..Thank you Margo & Kathleen, the food was fabulous and the presentation was AWESOME!And, Thank you Peyton for making the cutest Zuchinni breads for all our shoppers! So delicious!!!

How incredibly lucky are we? Our shoppers were simply the best this year! The Mad Hatter Show takes patience on our shoppers' part as it is truly elbow to elbow inside our little grange, yet they came and blessed us all! We want to keep that spirit of gratitude and excitement in each and everyday! Thank you to EVERYONE for all the hard work that made The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market 2011 a huge success!

Organizing our show this year with some of the most talented & amazing women who all worked together to help create such a magicial setting for The Mad Hatter has made us even more aware of the women who touched our hearts and minds, and, in so doing, nutured our soul!!

All our Love xox Glad & Celia


Anonymous said...

It looks like a Fabulous show , girls! All your work has paid off :)

The Little Red Shop said...

Oh, you must have had so much fun! What a beautiful day! I'm sorry that my mom and I missed it.

: )

Julie M.

Nikki said...

Mom and I loved the show and Artemis is my new fave! Great job ladies!

Ladybird Creations said...

I was honored to be apart of such an amazing show...to be included in amongst those extremely talented vendors, was a time I will not forget. I can't wait for next year...I already have costume ideas floating around in my head! Love you Glad and Celia!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for having us....We had so much fun!!!

Wendys Hat said...

What a fabulous event! I wish I lived nearby. Everything looked just perfect, especially the hats!

unexpected Necessities said...

We had wonderful time and are looking forward to next year! Thanks so much for having us!

Kristin said...

We, too, had an amazing weekend!! Thank you so much for having us as vendors. We loved it!!

1-2Punch said...

Well sister I finally made it and must say I am impressed. Yours is most certainly the most creative! Looking forward to next year. I'm happy that my boys could lend a hand.

Ormolulu said...

WOW . . . looks like the show was a fantastic success--congratulations to all!! Wish I could have been there. You know I always look forward to seeing you two!!

Hugs from Bellingham Bay,


Amber Rose said...

Looks like I sure missed out!!! I just HAVE to make it over one of these days for that show! Looks amazing ladies!!!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Beautiful pictures, it was a beautiful show, perfect weather and lots of wonderful people!!
Love to you all, thank you for all of your hard work!!
Thanks for the sweet picture!!