Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Sister ~ My Friend ~ Happy Birthday!!!

Sister ~ FRIEND
All the memories, laughter, secrets, and silliness....
...have become blessings, gifts, celebrations, and thankfulness ~
and my life more beautiful because of you.


XO Glad

My sister Jan and I playing outside our home in Mountain Home, Idaho ~ Air Force Base. Jan's the little one in the box about 1 year old and I'm about 3 years old.

Me and my sis...we are about twenty years old. Our first trip alone to California to visit a friend.

My sis and my daughter Celia

Our two granddaughters, Madison and Aliyah...having fun and being silly

My daughter Sonia and Ava

Jan's beautiful daughter Tera

Jan's son Shannon and his peeps Dylan and Marshall

Cute and adorable daughter Reilly and niece Gina

A picture perfect meal fit for a queen!!

The best brew in town...

And the most delicious pizza ever... can't think of anything better than....family and wonderful food, it's the making of a great summer birthday celebration!


1-2Punch said...

Thank you sister I love you! the pics turned out great, thank you for the wonderful evening, best ever! your sis

GardenGirl said...

Awww you're all so pretty, and how adorable were you at 3? I love my sister too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family!
Hug ;)

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Looks wonderful, love your beautiful family! ADORABLE pic of you two babies and gorgeous girls in Cali=)!

1-2Punch said...

Thanks for lunch that was a sweet time,and a great break from the mad rush. Also your followers are on your page.

Ormolulu said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister!! Having just spent a day with my sweet sister in Port Angeles (a late celebration of my birthday), I can totally relate to your thoughts. Aren't we soooo lucky to have sisters?! Don't know what I'd do without mine . . . thanks for sharing more of your lovely family. It makes me happy!!

xo Debi