Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1-2 Punch ~ My Sister's Blog

1-2 Punch...Cassicus Clay, Sonny Liston, Leon Sphinx, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard...these are a few of the names we grew up with.

Watching the Saturday night fights with our Dad, a bowl of popcorn (or my favorite, boiled peanuts) was our "quility" time together. Who ever the winner or loser was, didn't matter to us, our biggest concern was whether or not either of them had a "cauliflower ear". As kids this was a fascinating possibility! Our Dad was a chef. Chef Fred Oliver, (so now you know where baby Oliver got his name). Over 30 years of experience. Starting out in the USAF as NCO and Officers Club Manager, and in his retirement (at age 40 something) at some of the most prestigious local clubs and restaurants. He even cooked for one or two of the Presidents of The United States.After his death, while plowing through his immense library of cookbooks a "TREASURE CHEST OF PUNCH RECIPES" was discovered. It is by far THE BEST and MOST COMPLETE collection you will ever find...with a recipe for every occasion. Also included in the find, were many party planning tips, menus and appetizer recipes.On my sis's blog are the best 50 punch recipes. There's literally 1000's.

My sis, Jan has made them available for all to see! I hope you will pop over and check out her blog, I think you will enjoy her music selection, as well, (Tiny Bubbles ~ my favorite). I know she would be delighted to hear from you too!

Bon Appetit!

Glad & Jan


1-2Punch said...

Wow, sister Thankyou for your lovely little plug for my site. We really are having fun with this arent we? I love you too. PS great photo of Ali can I have it?

geff said...

you two girls sure do have one gorgeous blog -- beatious!

i'm enjoying every inch of it!!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

How fun!! Sounds like a great read!