Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celia and Josh's Wedding Day ~ August 21, 2010

Nothing is more thrilling and romantic than a home wedding. Our family and friends worked together to create such a beautiful day for Celia and Josh. I hope the warmth and gratitude that Steven and I feel toward all of them are reflected in these beautiful wedding photos.

Thank you Sonia, for helping me keep my house clean and keeping our household running smoothly and with efficiency these past months as we were planning the wedding and working on design projects. Most importantly keeping everyone calm!! Your presence means so much to me.

Thank you Sara and Yannie,for the floral work,and folding the napkins over and over again, because of our gusty winds.

Thank you cousin Shari,(the chef)and friend Lynn (the assistant chef) they worked their fingers to the bone,and they made the most amazing food, we are still receiving calls from friends about how great every bite of food was.

Thank you my sweet friend Erin, for helping me maintain the gardens. Everything looked so beautiful.

Thank you Ron at Pacific Pool for keeping our pool Blue this year!!!!

Thank you Hollie and Becky (All That Glitter) for the gorgeous paper flowers, and the darling paper cake,they added so much to the wedding!!

Thank you to my sweet friends, Deb and Jackie for doing whatever was needed. Thank you, thank you, we love you both to pieces.

Thank you Celeste, for letting us borrow the baby tub and all the other fun pieces and for ordering the bubbly drinks!! We only wish you and Dan could have attended, you were missed. Oh! The CAKE was FABULOUS!!!!

Thank you to my husband,Steven, son, Michael and son-in-law, Mike for replacing our front yard fence (530 pickets, cut and painted) and stringing all the lights. I owe you so many hunting trips!!!

Thank you Mike Lee, for the amazing photos!!! You captured the essence of their day.

Thank you to the hundred guests that joined Celia & Josh and made their day so special!!

And Celia, she worked tirelessly on setting up every piece of furniture to be put in its perfect place, and the placement of the tent, tables, and the cotton candy machine, she is an amazing artist beyond measure.

Celia and Josh's wedding was beyond my present imagination. Their individualism and style was expressed in such a simply beautiful home wedding.

Thank you Celia and Josh for letting us share our home and to be a part of your 'special day'. I pray the memories are so strong, so preserved in your mind's eye that thirty-six years from now, the scent of the August air or the view in these fields will evoke the full-blown scene for both of you.

We love you!! Mom and Dad


Maison Douce said...

Congrats to Celia and Josh, they make the cutest couple and I wish them all the best!!! All looks wonderful, and the setting is gorgeous!!!

trash talk said...

G, I can't think of a single word to add to yours. The photos are breath taking...looks like a movie set. Everyone was beautiful (including a certain duo). I bet Little Brtiches almost stole the show. I felt almost like a peeping tomette looking through a keyhole into a magical land of warmth, love and beauty. All y'alls hard work...worth every second!
P.S. One of the only weddings I've seen where the bridesmaid dresses were as lovely as the girls wearing them.

Carriage House Antiques said...

hi there

Wow,I found your blog through The Vintage Barn and I am sooo happy I did!!The wedding was gorgeous from the simplicity of a daisy in an antique bottle to the extravagant lovely meal and that pool... oh my goodness!!! What a beautiful home and gardens etc..I just can't say enough how beautiful and perfect every single detail was!!
Just a dream wedding!
thanks for sharing such an important day!!

Junebug said...

Wow, how beautiful. Such simple elegance and you can see the love in every picture. I bet that little guy stole the show, too cute! Thank you soooooo much for sharing such a special day with all of us in blogland! Hugs!

Prudence said...

just beautiful! Congrats!

Ormolulu said...

Those are just stunning photographs of Celia & Josh's very special day . . . thanks so much for sharing such personal moments with us! You can *feel* all the love that went into this event. Congrats to the bride and groom and wishing you a very, very happy life together! The setting was divine--I'm feeling all good inside just blog-stalking you!!


Uncovered Ruby said...

Everything looks so beautiful! Congratulations to Celia and Josh!
Lisa ;-)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What gorgeous photos!
This looked like it was just absolutely perfect in every way...magical!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! It was a wonderful evening with a wonderful family for a very wonderful reason!
Lots of love,

liz said...

Simply beautiful!!!!

The pictures tell the story and the happiness that was there on such a very special day!!

Special blessings to all of you - especially Celia & Josh and their sweet family . . . may you experience much joy and happiness in your life together!!

xo - liz

Curtains In My Tree said...

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding . I agree nothing better than a home family wedding .
It looked like a dreamy day the pictures were just great. I can't brag enough.


All That Jazz said...

What a truly beautiful day! This looks like a wedding that could have been in a magazine! ;) The photographer capture some lovely moments! I love the colors and details. Congratulations to Celia and Josh!!!