Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dazzling, Creative, and Fabulous Funky Junk Show!!

Kristen Dobson ~ Sophia's

Ann Caster ~ Nesting

Jamie ~ Bizi

Our Neighbor Jenny Stable ~ Carousel

Junebug's Funky Junk

Dixie from Junky Funk Sisters ~ and cute family did some junk shopping

Our Friend Timi made a trip over from the coast and surprised us with Junk Queen Gifts!

Holly ~ The Hostess with a great smile and the biggest heart!!

Jennifer ~ The Most Gracious Hostess!

Holly and Jennifer from Funky Junk pulled their show off with great panache, It was a fabulous show. So many talented artists, everyone had their own personal style and paid attention to details, it was totally food for the eye!!
It was late, late last night when I finished this post and...I wanted to include a few other vendor's names that we didn't get pictures of...Scout ~ she has amazing vintage clothing, Cel purchased the cutest rubber boots for Charlie and I bought a very cool shirt for my son Michael. Erin and Gracie ~ Ladybug, she and her daughter have the coolest jewelry and some crochet and knitted goods as well.You may remember them from The Mad Hatter, she made The Junebug Cupcakes for us... They are the cutest two people in the world. Dalhia ~ beautiful jewelry, Celia purchased a few pieces...a cool ring, very Alice and Wonderland looking and she is having a necklace made. We finally met Diane and Fielding from Two Women, two amazingly talented ladies, I found some children's hangers and had to have them. Holly's sister ~ Heidi, besides being gorgeous she is a talented singer and graphic artist, she has created all of Funky Junk's posters. Gail ~ Holly's mom, is an incredible seamstress, amazing aprons along with all her funky junk. And our junking friend Christy ~ fun and always interesting, she has some wonderful pieces, and we loved her yellow picnic table, I'm sure it went home with a lucky shopper. I hope I mentioned everyone. It was truly one of the Best week-ends for Junking. xo Glad & Cel


linkmaster2010 said...
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Sophia's said...

I had such a great time at the show! Jennifer and Hollie were such gracious hosts and are such sweeties. I had a good time chatting with you and I just love your style!

Anonymous said...
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Funky Junk Antique Show said...

You guys are so kind! Thank you for the amazing blog post...look who's talented and gracious!!=) I'm looking forward to the fab. Mad Hatter again!!
Love to you all,
Funky Junk Hollie=)

Two Women Art & Antiques said...

What a fun weekend! It was great to meet you both at the show and we loved your booth!
Fielding & Dianna
Two Women Art & Antiques

Mermaids of the Lake said...

We sure did enjoy attending it! It was nice to meet both of you.

Mermaid Debbie